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019 Mortgages With Shane McGraw

Download | Duration: 00:50:53

Jason Parker Interviews Shane McGraw Of Primelending

018 Tactical Money Management With Good Harbor Financial And David Armstrong

Download | Duration: 00:49:52

Jason Parker Interviews David Armstrong From Good Harbor Financial

017 Health And Wellness With Lesli Dullum-Tutterrow

Download | Duration: 00:50:20

Jason Parker Interviews Lesli Dullum-Tutterrow Of Optimal Wellness Inc

014 Maximize Your Social Security Benefits With Kirk Larson

Download | Duration: 00:55:10

Jason Parker Interviews Kirk Larson, Western Washington Public Affairs Specialist, Social Security Administration

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015 Retiring Abroad With Phil Newbold

Download | Duration: 00:51:36

 Jason Parker Interviews Phil Newbold About Retiring Abroad

Phil’s professional passion focused on helping companies significantly improve their
organizational effectiveness particularly helping them navigate the risks and accelerate
the returns of major change. Before moving outside of the United States, he had over 
25 years of executive management experience (CEO, COO, General Manager, Global 
Practice Manager and Managing Director) in financial services, healthcare, high tech and 
Phil still performs strategy consulting work for several high tech clients on an as required 
basis but considers himself blissfully retired. Besides living in paradise, he and his wife 
Audrey travel whenever possible. He also helps numerous people in their transition from 
life in the U.S. to living abroad.
Phil has an MBA degree in Finance and Economics and a BSC degree from De Paul 
University. He holds executive residency certificates from the University of North 
Carolina and Stanford University.

Useful Information Resources


-Retirement Without Borders: How to Retire Abroad--in Mexico, France, Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, 
-Panama, and Other... by Barry Golson and Thia Golson and the Expert Expats (Dec 9, 2008)
-The Grown-Up's Guide to Retiring Abroad by Rosanne Knorr (Oct 24, 2001) 
-Yes, You Can Still Retire Comfortably!: The Baby-Boom Retirement Crisis and How to Beat   It by Ben Stein and Phil DeMuth (Aug 1, 2006) 
- Retiring Oversees on a Budget by International Living (New Book)
- The Complete Idiot's Guide to Retirement Planning by Wuorio, Jeffrey (Dec 4, 2007) 
- The Beginner's Guide to Running Away from Home by Jennifer Huget and Red Nose        Studio (Jun 25, 2013 – Updated version of book I referenced)

Periodicals / Services

International Living Magazine
Various ex-pat websites
Country Guides of Countries of Interest

016 Jane Bryant Quinn On Retirement Planning

Download | Duration: 00:51:43

Jason Parker interviews Jane Bryant Quinn on Retirement Planning

013 Estate Planning With Attorney John Kenney

Download | Duration: 00:54:22

Jason Parker Interviews John Kenney, Estate Planning Attorney

012 Investing In Retirement With Michael Ball Of Weatherstone Capital Management

Download | Duration: 00:51:15

Jason Parker interviews Michael Ball of Weatherstone Capital Management

009 Kiplinger Retirement Report With Susan Garland

Download | Duration: 00:51:32

Jason Parker Interviews Susan Garland who is the editor of the Kiplinger Retirement Report.  We discuss dividend investing, retirement income, annuities, a bucket strategy for retirement income, tax planning and taking a trip with the grandkids.

HOST: Jason Parker

President of Parker Financial LLC, an independent fee-based registered investment advisory firm in Silverdale, Washington specializing in wealth management for retirees.

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KKOL 1300am from 8am - 9am PST. Tune in and listen as we discuss ideas and strategies designed to help you achieve clarity, confidence and freedom as you prepare for and transition through retirement.


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